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  • Mitchell Peterson

    Mitchell Peterson

    Freelance writer on my eighth year outside of the US, currently in Prague reading, teaching, and writing on politics, economics, and travel … IG: @mitchellglenn

  • Foot.Notes by FootPrint Coalition

    Foot.Notes by FootPrint Coalition

    Investigating where technology, policy, and culture intersect to address our climate emergency. Reach us at editor@footprintcoalition.org

  • Barb Mayes Boustead

    Barb Mayes Boustead

    Meteorologist, climatologist, instructor, and past president of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association. Twitter @windbarb.

  • Greg Shewmaker

    Greg Shewmaker

    Hovering somewhere between too young to understand and too old to give a damn. co-founder of TeakOrigin and the founder of Food+Future.

  • Dennis Thiessen

    Dennis Thiessen

    On a journey. Trying to get through life while having a meaning. Find me on Twitter: @dennis_thiessen

  • Mikita Belawski ניקיטה בלאבסקי

    Mikita Belawski ניקיטה בלאבסקי

    philosopher, left accelerationist • UX/UI designer

  • Will Lockett

    Will Lockett

    Journalist passionate about cutting edge technology, space and fighting climate change. Hire me at www.linkedin.com/in/w-lockett

  • Catherine Cruveillier

    Catherine Cruveillier

    Catherine is the CEO of Planet Emotions, which helps sustainability leaders and organizations use emotions to achieve a higher net positive impact, faster.

  • Tim Ward

    Tim Ward

    Author, communications expert and publisher of Changemakers Books. Recent books: The Master Communicator’s Handbook; Resilience: Virtually Speaking.

  • Raunaq Nambiar

    Raunaq Nambiar

    Just a twenty year old with a laptop and a few opinions. @theclimatewriter on Instagram

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