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  • Monika Weber-Fahr

    Monika Weber-Fahr

  • Tim Ward

    Tim Ward

    Author, communications expert and publisher of Changemakers Books. Recent books: The Master Communicator’s Handbook; Resilience: Virtually Speaking.

  • Anthony Maiorana

    Anthony Maiorana

    Writer of The Polymerist newsletter. Talk to me about chemistry, polymers, plastics, sustainability, climate change, and the future of how we live.

  • Hassan Idris

    Hassan Idris

  • Laurence Carter

    Laurence Carter

    Walking 3,500 miles round the coast of England and Wales to raise awareness that cervical cancer can be eradicated within a generation.

  • Veronique Bishop

    Veronique Bishop

  • Joe Hudgins

    Joe Hudgins

  • Matt Tomich

    Matt Tomich

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